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Organic 100% Black Bean Fettuccine (200g)

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Recipe Link :  Organic 100% Black Bean Fettuccine with King Oyster Mushrooms (Vegan)

Shelf Life : Minimum shelf life from date of delivery: 12 months

Our organic, grain & gluten free black bean pastas contain 3 x more protein and 40% less carbohydrates than the average wheat pasta. They are high in dietary fibre, which is lacking in modern diets but essential for good gut health and digestion.

High dietary fibre also helps with curbing appetite and making you feel full longer. A 55g portion of our pasta keeps you satiated and helps prevent snacking in between meals!

Bored with protein bars or on a vegan diet but can’t get enough protein for your nutritional needs? Try our high protein high fibre pastas and noodles.


100% Organic Black Beans

Yes. Nothing else!


Black Beans

Processed in a facility that also processes soy, legumes, beans, buckwheat, quinoa & rice.

Suitable for lean and fit diets. High in fibre, lower in net carbs and high in protein. Also aids those deficient in iron and potassium.

Cooking Video:

So good!

I like the taste of the pasta even though it is made of black bean. It was delicious for making a home cooked meal and I highly recommend it!

Chelsea March 20, 2022

So good!

This blew my mind. I wanted another serving as soon as I had the first bite. Never knew black beans could be so yummy!

Nik C March 20, 2022

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